Monday, September 21, 2009

G'day & Welcome

G'day and thanks for checking out the "Hot Rods of the Dry Lakes Era" blog. As the title suggests this blog is about "Hot Rods of the Dry Lakes Era". For me this period is 1927-1955 is the golden era of Hot Rodding. The 1955 date hasn't anything to do with the introduction of the SBC but more to do with when the first Drag Nationals was held in Great Bend, Kansas. There will be post about Hot Rods that were built after '55 but this blog will concentrate on the earlier pre '55 Hot Rods.

My project is a 1925 Chev roadster powered by a 1925 Chev 4 with an Olds 3-port head. My roadster is heavily influenced by the Spurgin/Giovanine '25 Chev lakes roadster which is now being restored.

My S/G inspired roadster 

The Spurgin/Giovanine roadster in 1948

The Spurgin/Giovanine roadster in 2009

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