Thursday, March 26, 2015

Honk Feature Calori roadster

At the end of 1947 early 1948 Jack Calori sold his roadster to his dentist who promptly put white wall tyres on which Jack detested, the roadster is pictured in coverage of early drag races in Hot Rod mag. By 1953 when featured in Honk June '53 a young guy by the name of Jerry Sutherland owned the roadster this clearly is the Jack Calori roadster but the kid claimed to have built it. From here the roadster seems to disappear, did Jerry keep the roadster and have it squirrelled away or sold it and changed to the point of being unrecognisable?

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  1. When I asked my dad about the car he said he traded it to a kid in Big Bear Lake CA for a sedan when my mom became pregnant with me. He was told from friends that kid was racing the car(had zero experience with a race car) and never shited out of first which blew the motor and he lost control. End of story I sure which I could find remains!