Thursday, February 7, 2013

Ray Bowles T

Bought new by Hi Halfhill, sold to Pommer, then went to Neal was raced on the dry lakes in the early 30s, Frank Pommer bought it back and had Frank Kurtis customise it, sold again, then in 1940 Chuck Schultz bought it. Ray Bowles bought it in the late 40s ran the '49 PRC Reliability Run and won best appearing car was on the January 1950 Hot Rod cover. Sold again in 1952 and appeared in Hop Up Jan 1953, sold again appeared in August '55 Car Craft owner Skip Hedrich sold it to an Airman and on his way north, the T caught fire and burnt to the ground the remains were scrapped. All because the airman did a shoddy job to repair a leaking fuel hose.

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