Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dick King Roadster.

Recently I purchased a lot of Nor-Cal & Cal-Neva Drag & dry lake pictures among them were a couple pictures of Dick King (Richard King) roadster on the Dry Lake outside of Reno.

& the Dick King Roadster today


  1. I've found many more color photos from 1946-48 and posted them, you're welcome to them all and and

  2. Excellent site! I've added you to my RSS reader. I've got some lakes photos at A few from a 1936 book called Speed on Salt.

  3. Although I didn't know of the Dick King car's history, I was pleased to see it here in black and white back in the day and on the dry lakes. Up until his untimely passing three years ago the car was owned by my good friend, Barry Williams. Barry found the car in somewhat disheveled condition and carefully restored it as close as possible to its original configuration with the help of our mutual friend, Gary Emory, who is the son of Neil Emory of Valley Customs. Since both Barry and Gary were long time Porsche 356
    owners and as the King car's steering column drop had gone missing, they replaced it with a beautiful polished aluminum piece from a 356A and it looks period perfect. I tried unsuccessfully to purchase the car from the estate, but hope that it is now in appreciative hands.

    I'm enjoying your blog.