Sunday, October 17, 2010

Roy "Multi" Aldrich T and Spalding Bros. T at Bonneville 1949

What a great shot this is Roy "Multi" Aldrich Gow Job & the Spalding Bros. state of the art (for the time) T at Bonneville 1949


  1. This is a new photo of Multi's T that I haven't seen before. My son and I are in the process of getting her going again. The rear end has been done and we are now working on the engine.

  2. G'day Don, I just noticed your comment, sorry it has taken so long to reply. Good to hear Multi's T is on it's way back to running condition. I have seen a couple pics on the HAMB from the swap meet & just after it arrived back east. Please keep me posted with the progress.

    This was a great image that I couldn't pass up especially with the Spalding's '25 T in the background.