Tuesday, February 16, 2010

El Mirage 1948-49 in Colour

Recently some photos were posted on the SCTA site of a few different lake meets held at El Mirage in 1948 & 1949. The incredible thing is they are in brilliant full colour. The quality of these pics are so incredible they look as if they were only taken yesterday but are actually 61-62 years old. Who are we to thank for these incredible photos? Waren Durkee for taking them and Jill Durkee-Burgoyne for sharing her fathers incredible photos

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  1. Hey Jimmy,

    Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm for the old lake racers with us others scattered around the world. I share your fondness for Paul Schiefer's '25 T roadster, and have a considerable amount of information on the car, graciously hosted by Sondre Kvipt at www.kustomrama.com

    The one thing I anticipated being very hard to obtain were the wing struts from a PBY-5A Catalina flying boat. But I have two pairs now; one for building the '25 version, and one for building the '27 version of that car.

    Think it's ironic they were easy to find? Get this; the wing struts came from the plane owned by Herb Shriner, who refitted it from warbird to flying yacht. Shriner was a radio star, humorist, pioneer of late-night variety TV, and famed car collector. Perhaps the most famous car he owned was the Phantom Corsair, aka "The Wombat."

    Sometimes, life is stranger than fiction.

    Thanks again for sharing your zeal for old hotrods.